Quotable Quotes




 Quotable Quotes

“Unaccompanied Singing at its Loudest and Best” – Gainsborough Folk Festival

 “Big Voice, Big Choruses” – Wandering Windward Folk Club

"If you want a whole room full of landlubbers bellowing out the choruses to a wide selection of shanties and other eminently singable songs, then Graeme's your man......" – Eric Bogle

 “Graeme has a huge repertoire of songs and a powerful voice that can blow the froth off a Guinness from 50 metres” – Cardrona Folk Festival NZ"

"Graeme is possibly the best unaccompanied singer we have heard at the club - what a voice !" - Dux de Lux Folk Club NZ 

"Graeme's singing is like an out break of morale" - Dave Hood 2nd Mate STS Lord Nelson.